Amanda A (Role-Play)

Amanda A

Amanda A. - Is the Older sister of Megan and since she has the same name as the youngest Amanda people either add the 1st letter of her last name to it (A) or call the younger Amanda "Mandi". Shes the 4th and newst author (last one to be added) However unlike Megan,Amanda and Even Haurhi her author role is different. While Megan and Amanda are the main leaders of the OSOF that make the choices of who gets author keys and what animes/shows come in and Haurhi deals with the very powers of the OSOF but can help them make the other choices Amanda A does not. Her main role is being the protector of the Authors along with everyone in the OSOF so she does not make the other choices.


Amanda A House

Amanda A's House in the Other Side of Forever

Unike the other Amanda who's the darkest and toughest author Amanda A is the opposite she is the girlyist (LOVES shopping) and kindess author (like her little sister Megan) she is also the most responsible out of her sister and friends who are like sisters to them for she is the oldest (22) and lives with more adult like problems however like Megan,Amanda and Haurhi shes also very goofy and fun to be around. Unlike Megan and Amanda however who are from the "normal wrold" and have memories of both there home world and OSOF in both wolrds Amanda A. only has memories and feelings of both worlds in OSOF. When shes in there home world she doesn't have any memory of the OSOF or the relationships she has there and sees it as only a role-play game Megan plays with Amanda on the computer.
Amanda's car roleplay

Amanda .A's car


Like the younger Amanda when shes at work wether its being a 4th grade teacher in the normal world or the OSOF protector she likes to keep a certain appearance about herself, to look professional around her peers however insted of keeping a dark demeanor she keeps a light demeanor. She ushaly wares a professional look in different ways in the normal world but in OSOF she wares one main outfit. She wares a nice brown jeckect with pink outlining with a white shirt that has a ruffel around the neck of it and has pink hearts on it ner the bottom. She also wares a brown scarf to go along with her jacket and wares tan jeans with pink outlining like her jacket. She wares black bunessis shoes and has her hair down with ethier a pink headband,white headband or tan headband.

Fears and WeaknessesEdit

Unforchenly like the other authors she has fears and weaknesses. not a lot of them are known for like Megan who followed her example of being a good older sister to Amanda and Haurhi she hides her freaking out when around the younger authors more so then Megan since she has done that since she has been a older sister to Megan all her life. One main weekness that is known is her fear of spiders like Megan and Amanda's fears of Bees/Wasps and her weekness of shopping (however that one is a minor problem).

4th Author/ProtectorEdit

Like Haurhi she came in later into the OSOF however unlike Haurhi she did come in contact with the OSOF when she was younger. Back when Haurhi,Amanda and Megan had small doces of power of there Author powers (before they got the majorty of it from Haurhi and her world) She was the only one of the family who saw Megan's use of her power making RPC's of hers come to life.

The 1st enconter was of her future creaction Matt and Mollie Hedgehog as babies. Since Megan was still very little Amanda A. helped her take care of them and hide them from there parents. When they went on there way Megan was inspired to make her own RPCS thats when she made the Copycat Girls based on her favroite TV show Powerpuff Girls. Like the 1st time she helped raise the CCG.

Over this time Amanda A. grew more cerious of her sisters powers and worried for her sister over them. Thats when an Angel came down to her and told her that her sister along with another girl from there world and a 3rd girl from a similar world to theres but more adatped for the powers have been chosen to have the abilty to make a new world. She explained that this world the OSOF would hold people from other worlds of the girls choseing reveiling to her that all the other worlds are known to this one but through Books,TV shows, and Movies for the normal world was also the world of imagination seeing the other worlds in there minds making them into there form of media.

After going out of shock the Angel explained that shes the only one besides Megan who could see the Hedgehogs and CCG for Megan trusted her enough to let her in to help and protector her. The Angel then explained to her that she is capible of gaining the same trust from the other two girls and become their protector if shes willing to protect them like she is for her sister. Amanda A. replied that she will protect all 3 of them if it will make her sister happy. The Angel then gave her the power to do so which is different for its mainly protect insted of create.

Things were going well up intill Megan got attacked by a demon that she let in with her imagination of seeing herself as a sacrfice for a Jugdement day. Amanda A. got in just in time to take the blow insted getting a huge claw marks on her back Megan being scared and in shock thought it would be best for Amanda A by eraseing her memeory of it and keep her away from the world not knowing she has dissconected her protector from her world and powers.

Amanda A slowly figured out that since that insident she only remembers events dealing with Megan's powers when the powers are invloded at the time. She figured this out when Manic Hedgehog came into Megan's life and later married her in the new born world of the OSOF years later. Over the early years Amanda A. was able to enter the OSOF from time to time when Megan would call her. this mainly happened when the kids were born for both Megan and Amanda (before Haurhi came in). Amanda A. at that time came to care for Amanda as a family member (which intesned as a little sister when she moved in permently years later) so for Amanda's kids she would hand make with help from her friends jackets as a gift which both ended up being the kids fav jackets years later. Her most resent vist was when Amanda's son Axel was born and when Haurhi's (now moved into the OSOF) daughter was born.

When she got her life settled in the normal world Megan convinced Amanda and Haurhi to let Amanda A move into the OSOF. When she did move in she over time gained the trust of both Amanda and Haurhi along with everyone in the OSOF and gaining the love the other authors have. Thats when her full power awakened and became the 4th Author and Protector of the OSOF.




Unlike the rest of the sister pairs Amanda A. and Megan are really sisters and related by blood. Since Megan was little in the normal world long before the OSOF started she followed Amanda A. around and she would show Megan anything she knew in shorter terms she wasen't a Daddy's girl or Mommy's girl but a Sister's girl and use to do a lot of things together like taking baths and playing together. Megan was the one who wanted Amanda to move into the roleplay once her life was put together after her years of College and getting her teacher job. Now in the normal world there still close but she lives outside of there home town and is a 4th grade teacher while in the OSOF shes an Author along with Megan, Amanda and Haurhi.


In the OSOF she has come to care for Amanda like she was her own little sister calling her the "little me" sometimes since they have the same name. She like Megan and Haurhi gets worried when shes upset over OSOF problems or problems with her mother/sister from the normal world. However she only comes in to help calm her down when shes really needed and Megan/Haurhi can't do so. While her realtionship with Megan is the same as in there home world and does active things with Haurhi with Amanda she spends her time with her shopping and getting her hair and nails done. In the normal world she sees her as Megan's best friend and likes her.

Haurhi SuzumiyaEdit

Like with Amanda she has come to care for Haurhi like she was her own little sister. She sometimes gives Haurhi tips on punishment games since shes a bit of a goof ball herself and will play the punishment games if she loses while her little sister Megan is embrassed to do so. Even though she doesn't enjoy them as much as Amanda does but can tolerate them better then Megan can so they mainly do some sports together mainly running. In the normal world she has no memeory of her.

Dean WinchesterEdit

Being an author assistant along with his younger brother Sam is very close to Amanda A. Out of the two brothers hes slightly closer to her. He understands her more then most people do since he is an older brother himself so he knows how she cares for her little sister (Megan) and her friends (Amanda and Haurhi). He makes her laugh easily and jokes around like her and Megan's dad and also is into cars like Amanda A.'s normal world boyfriend Ryan. In the normal world she has no memeory of him but does know about their TV show Supernatural.

Sam WinchesterEdit

Being an author assistant along with his older brother Dean he is very close to Amanda A. out of the two brothers hes slightly less closer to her. Even though Dean understands Amanda A. a bit better with most things he understands things Dean can not. For like Amanda A. hes sweet and smart and respects others and is also a people person for he made many college friends before he was sent off with his brother to go back into the hunting life. In the normal world she has no memory of him but does know about their TV show Supernatural.

Wes EvansEdit

In the OSOF (Super) he is her true love. He is sweet careing and charming but can be tough when the time calls for it. Like Amanda A. he likes to take the relationship at a slow/normal pace insted of jumping into it like others in the OSOF do. He is Soul Eater Evan's older brother which means Soul is rather close to her as well. In the normal world she has no memory of Wes and is dating her best friend Ashley's older brother Ryan.

Soul Eater EvansEdit

Since he is Wes Evan's younger brother he sees Amanda's more often then the other misters/weapons and other characters. for he comes to visit Wes when he can and most of the time when shes not working or with the other authors shes over at Wes.


  • She is the newst and last author added to the OSOF and is also the Oldest (being the older sister of the formor oldest author Megan)
  • She is the only Author who has no memory of the OSOF when shes back in her home world
  • She is aslo the only one who has a Bf out of the 3 authors that are from the normal world named Ryan. When in the OSOF shes in love with Wes and not Ryan.
  • She is the only Author who is not married in Super (yet) and the only one who does not have kids in Super
  • All 4 authors fall in love with there main assistant in Terminator the what if of Super. Amanda A.'s is Dean Winchester
  • Unlike Megan and Amanda who are the main leaders and Haurhi who deals with the Core of the OSOF she is the protector of the Authors and OSOF.
  • She is the only one who doesn't decied what shows come into the OSOF and doesn't help with checter keys for she doesn't watch anime or have powers to create since her powers deal mainly with protection even saying herself "I don't really have an imagination" to create.
  • In Super and Terminator her singing voice is Jojo

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